handmade Cultured Vegan Butter

Our mission at Amma’s Creamery is to create delicious plant-based butter. You’ll be forgiven for feeling a little naughty as you smear our creamy, thick, totally indulgent decadence on your toast or pancake.

We aim to make ethical eating easy and affordable,  without compromising on flavour and quality!


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Recent Customer Reviews



As an avid (dairy) butter fan, I wasn’t sure what I was expecting to taste… but I wasn’t expecting such a close match to actual butter! I asked my daughter to taste and didn’t tell her what it was. She couldn’t believe it was of nuts!

I just cut a ciabatta and kept eating… 


Liesl Diesel




Got a chance to test out @Ammas_Creamery cultured cashew butter. Love the flavour, texture and the way it melts. Super close to dairy butter!




Dhrital Kalan



I really enjoyed the vegan butter! It had its own unique taste. I even ate it plain, without spreading it on bread. 






Jayesh Bhana