Ingredients and production 




If butter tastes better, homemade cultured plant-butter tastes the best!


Creamy cashews and coconut oil

Cashews are a creamy alternative to dairy. We soak our cashews overnight and blitz them to produce a rich unctuous cream. We blend this with omega-rich coconut oil.


Getting some culture 

We culture our cashew cream for 24-hours with live vegan cultures. The culturing process creates richness and depth of flavour. Our number one priority at Amma’s Creamery is making REAL food.  Our cultured butter is made with NO preservatives or additives. Besides the amazing flavour, cultured butter contains an extra dose of microorganisms that are good for your gut. It’s a supplementary probiotic boost!


Handmade with love

Each brick of Amma’s vegan butter is made by hand. It takes a little longer, but care and attention to detail are what we’re all about.   

Who we Are

Amma- pronounced AH-MAH. 


One’s mother (often used as a familiar form of address).

Our journey to Amma’s Creamery was a natural progression from deeply embedded roots of food, family and reciprocity. Like many South African stories, it was conceived in a youthful challenge to ‘step up and stop talking Amma!’  It is a product of love, of grounded-ness and represents all that is important: family; community; connectedness.  


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